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To: Governor Gavin Newsom


It is critical that we speak out against the CA Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC) proposal to make it more expensive for people, schools and other non-profit organizations to install rooftop solar. The proposed monthly penalty fees and weakened net metering will make rooftop solar inaccessible to those people and communities most ready to take action on climate and offer community resilience. The governor can stop the proposed CPUC regulations. He works for us. We must demand that he stop the imposition of penalties for owning rooftop solar panels.

Why is this important?

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) wants to make it more expensive for home and apartment-building owners to put solar panels on their roofs. CPUC is following the lead of PG&E and other utilities, whose interest is to charge us more.

The CPUC proposes charging solar users an average $57 per month, nearly $700 per year -- the highest rooftop solar fees in the U.S. Plus, the commission wants an 80% cut to credits solar users get for sharing their surplus energy with the grid. With these regulations and penalties in place, it will no longer make economic sense to invest in local solar energy generation. This will cripple California solar companies.

Don’t let this utility profit-grab kill rooftop solar.
Tell Governor Newsom to take a stand for consumers and the California Solar industry.

To make your voice heard click on the link below to send your message to Governor Newsom and the CPUC through the Solar Rights Alliance messaging system. There you will find a sample script to use l ike this one:
"My name is ___ and I live in ____. I am against the proposed Solar Penalty Fee and I’m against slashing the value of rooftop solar 80%. Nobody should pay a penalty for putting solar panels on their roof. California should be doing more, not less, to promote rooftop solar. Please show us you are serious about rate hikes, blackouts and air pollution. Say no to the utilities’ profit grab, and yes to helping millions of working and middle class people get solar." or feel free to write or state your message in your own words.

How it will be delivered

Click on this link to send your message to Governor Newsom and the CPUC.

Or Call the Governor . His number is: 916-445-2841



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