Shalom Dayenu Circle

Welcome to our Dayenu Circle based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Launched in 2021, the Shalom Dayenu Circle pledges to fight the continuing destruction of the natural world and to take bold action towards restoring clean air, water and land. The path forward is the widespread adaptation of conservation with scalable, renewable energy to replace fossil fuel consumption. We can do so in an equitable manner where all of us gain from job creation and a healthier quality of life.
If we landed on the moon in ten years in the 1960s, clean, renewable energy can become a reality before the end of 2031.  

The name of this national movement was taken from the Hebrew word, “Dayenu”. Dayenu means “enough”, and was chosen to express the dual sentiment, “we have enough (resources from the planet) and also “we have had enough (exploitation of the earth).

The Shalom Dayenu Circle has three components:
  • Hillel-taking personal action to build a sustainable, less wasteful way of life
  • Ha Ir-connecting with our broader Jewish community and other partners to work towards eliminating fossil fuel consumption
  • Tikkun Olam-working towards systemic change
Our current campaigns include:
  • Passage of Wisconsin Senate Bill 490 and Assembly Bill 527 to authorize the development of non-utility owned community solar “farms”. 
  • Support for passage of the US COMPOST Act sponsored by Booker, (D) NJ
  • Community single-use plastic reduction
  • Eliminating Lead Poisoning in Milwaukee from lead pipe laterals, paint and contaminated soil
  • Establishment of a Jewish Community Solar Group-Buy program
  • Urging Members of Congress to pass the Build Back Better package at the national level.
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Shalom Dayenu Circle Zoom meeting on Lead Poisoning featuring Richard Diaz, Coalition for Lead Emergencies, Adam Zipkin, Deputy Chief of Staff for Senator Corey Booker, and Dr Michaela Margida, Staff Environmentalist to Senator Booker
January 27 6-7:15 pm (CST)

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