Shalom Dayenu Circle MKE

Welcome to our Dayenu Circle based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A Jewish voice has been added to the cry for climate justice and to express outrage over the increasing destruction of the natural world and to take bold actions towards restoring clean air, water and untainted land.
The name of this movement was taken from the Hebrew word, “Dayenu”. Dayenu means “enough”, and was chosen to express the dual sentiment, “we have enough (resources from the planet) and also “we have had enough (exploitation of the earth).
Congregation Shalom’s Dayenu Circle works with the national office, with other circles and other religious, environmental and social justice organizations in our community. Our Circle acts autonomously. We select our own projects. Join us!
We have three teams:
· Team "Tikkun Olam"  looks at global and national issues in which we can get involved
· Team "Ha Ir" engages in community and local issues. We partner and support organizations doing work in environmental justice and team up with other synagogues, Jewish and interfaith organizations to act together. 
· Team "Hillel" will explore personal actions  undertaken by many of us, whether it be related to solar, composting and when acted upon cumulatively, will make a difference. 

We are affiliated with Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action. If you'd like to learn more about what Dayenu Circles do, check out

Our current campaigns include:
  • Support for Wisconsin Senate Bill 490 and Assembly Bill 527 to authorize the development of non-utility owned community solar “farms”.
  • Eliminate lead poisoning and other legacy pollution which impacts low income neighborhoods across the country.
  • Establishment of a Jewish inspired, renewable energy group-buy program
  • Support the Environmental Justice Act sponsored by Senator Corey Booker, (D), NJ 
  • Urging Members of Congress to pass the Build Back Better package at the national level.

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