Dayenu Circle of Jewish Silicon Valley

Welcome to our Dayenu Circle based in Silicon Valley, California!

Dayenu of Jewish Silicon Valley's Summer 2021 #hearthecall event

Dayenu Circle of Jewish Silicon Valley (DCJSV) is a local group affiliated with Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action. Like other Dayenu Circles nationwide, we are taking climate action rooted in Jewish values. We collaborate with Dayenu on national climate action and plan our own state and local actions in the Bay Area.

Chutzpah 2022!

Chutzpah 2022: Help us turn out climate-concerned voters in key states for the 2022 midterms!

On October 25 and 27, Dayenu Circle of Jewish Silicon Valley is co-hosting get-out-the-vote phone banking with Environmental Voter Project and RAC-CA. From the comfort of your own home, you can help turn out climate-concerned voters in Arizona who might not otherwise vote. Join us on Zoom for a blessing, followed by a quick tutorial on how to make the calls (it's automated, so you won't be dialing from your own phone), and then a wrap up with live music. There are two sessions, so sign up for one or both at the links below!

October 25, 2022, 5-7pm PDT: Chutzpah 2022: Calling Arizona voters
October 27, 2022, 5-7pm PDT: Chutzpah 2022: Calling Arizona voters, part 2

Current Campaigns

  • All Our Might national campaign:  Learn more about Dayenu's All Our Might campaign to end the fossil fuels era :
  • Save Rooftop Solar in California: Take action to push back against CPUC's proposal here
  • Build Back Better: Urge Members of Congress to pass the Build Back Better package at the national level.

Join Us!

You can sign up for our email list here to keep up to date with our actions and be notified of events and meetings. Mail volumes are kept to a minimum. 

Past Meetings:

August 1, 2022:
California Legislative Action Meeting
We heard about important bills making their way through the California legislature, what you can do to support them, and signed up to join Dayenu Circle of Jewish Silicon Valley's meetings with legislators. Our event page

January 30, 2022: 
Responding to Climate Change After Glasgow: Now What?
Distinguished guests Mary Nichols and Felicia Marcus joined Dayenu Circle of Jewish Silicon Valley in a dynamic discussion to share what really happened in Glasgow, and what we can do now to support policies and regulations here at home.
Mary Nichols (L) and Felicia Marcus
Mary Nichols is currently Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Columbia University Center for Global Energy Policy and the Vice-Chair of the U.S.-China Climate Center at UC Berkeley. Mary is the former Chair of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) where she oversaw the creation of California's world-leading regulatory programs to combat air pollution and climate change. She also served as California's Secretary for Natural Resources and was Asst. Administrator for the EPA's Office of Air and Radiation in the Clinton administration.

Felicia Marcus is the William C. Landreth Visiting Fellow at Stanford University's Water in the West Program and a Founding Member of the Water Policy Group, a network of current and former high-level national and international water officials. An attorney, Felicia most recently chaired the California State Water Resources Control Board, after previously serving as Regional Administrator of EPA's Region IX, and Western Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

  • November 11, 2021: DCJSV hosted Dayenu's National Director, Dahlia Rockowitz, for an update on the Build Back Better bill. 
    • Video of the meeting is available here.  
  • July 28, 2021: DCJSV welcomed local expert Michele Bogen, who spoke to us about transportation electrification.

Past Events:

  • All Our Might - Big Banks, Divest from Fossil Fuels!
On April 20, during Passover, Dayenu Circle of Jewish Silicon Valley joined with Dayenu Circle of Beth Am in Lytton Plaza in Palo Alto to deliver our message to local branches of big banks: free us from fossil fuel Pharaohs now! Thanks to all who joined us in this important action, and many, many thanks to all those who helped organize and host the event. 

  • August 25, 2021: DCJSV hosted one of many #hearthecall events in Downtown San Jose, leading an interfaith gathering in marching from City Hall to the federal courthouse and calling on Diane Feinstein and Alex Padilla to do their part in passing federal climate legislation. 
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